Still Learning – Apparently?

The Moon Card 18

It is funny when you have been doing readings as long as I have. Some days 20 years seem like eons and well others seem not to be long enough. It is after  a while some of us slip from readers to something more, where the cards generally get by-passed and the information comes from the higher self or what every you would like to call it. Then there are days that it all comes back down to  the cards.

 I recently have been looking to expand the decks I use in my readings, I am not a serial tarot gather I am very picky about what I use. If you have been to my website you will see animals and fairys. So it would be no surprise that I have stumble across Doreen yet again. She a lady that generally appears in my feeds for one reason or another and I keep an eye the lady who has been doing this as long as I have.

 I was into Hay House when well I was still in high school and Louise L Hay was just blimp on the map. Years later everyone knows her the same with Wayne but I digress. I am not a big angel fan for what every reason, but being Irish with tad Romania probably has something to do with. So when this card deck across my path I did the goof try out test that I normal do before going uh and moving on.

For what ever reason I do not know what I ask the cards should I add these cards to my readings, will it be too much choice, will people like them, will people even what a reading with them. And I had to laugh when of all cards I got THE  MOON here is the description..

The Universe is sending you messages right now about the perfect next step to take. Listen to the guidance you receive in the form of intuition, synchronistic events, symbols, and sleeping dreams. Be alert for people or situations that may not be quite what they seem. Give yourself a reading, or speak to a professional or friend who is also psychic.

Embrace the loving information you receive . . . it is Divinely inspired!Worry is unnecessary and will only slow down your progress. There’s no need to be afraid. Let go of fear. If any part of your life no longer feels right, then trust your intuition and make the necessary changes. Our fairy plays a stringed instrument under the light of a crescent moon. Her reflection in the water, however, shows her playing a different instrument, indicating that under the moon, things are not always what they appear to be.

 Additional meanings of this card: Psychic awareness. Seeing what you didn’t see before. No longer being afraid. Becoming a professional intuitive or reader. Hidden information. The power of your sleeping dreams.

So with that said I guess I now have finally be engulf in Virtureworld.

About The Mystic Garden

I love the Tarot and I love doing readings. Hello my name is Winter McKelvie and welcome to The Mystic Garden. Here you will find a reader a little different than the rest. Hopeful you will find this site interesting and love as much as I do! I have taken my love of the tarot of 20 years and have gone off the beaten path. I like the idea of being able to have choices - I use the standard Tarot but also some lovely and interesting Oracle cards. My infinity with Nature and has led me to explored different paths over the years that have brought me here to this place at this time. By living in Canada I have a strong influence by the teachings of the First People and have blended this with my Ancient Celtics ancestry; both who strongly believed in their connection to the Earth, all of its Creatures and the Spirits. My readings are drawn to the Animal Medicine Cards and the Druid Animal Oracle and explores these teachings several different ways. I use these cards in the hope to assist others in finding resolution to their dilemmas and gain insight into their lives, emotional patterns, choices and their destiny. I have been a member and lecturer for The Psychic Society of Toronto for almost 15 yrs now, and was the resident In House reader for the Society. I have given lectures through out the Great Toronto Area on Orbs to Mediumships and a litlle everything in between. And when I have a spare moment I wrote for many years, and have appeared in Metaphysical and Wiccan publications and on-line blog. The last several years I have headed The Psychic Society of Canada and are in the process of making the group accessible to the globe. This will include some of the favorite lecturers from the PST with achieve lectures, workshops and more.
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