How To Get The Most Out Of Spiritual Counselling

logo2With the way things seem to be going, every once in a while we get stressed out. Many you get tarot readings get them to find clarity. But some times not everything can be answered in a reading. You need a little more. Like myself I am one of those people. I had found in the past that many clients were coming to me for counselling through a reading. The only problem with this and like many honest readers is that some do not have the background to do such work.

That is why about 10 years ago I started my many years of courses and training in such area. It benefits both my client and myself if we both have a solid ground to work while dealing with personal issues. Whether it is Reiki or family issues today I am better equip to heal my clients achieve the emotional healing or let go of issues that no longer sever them. By being able to combine both of these tools many come to a happy spot where the issues are easier to handle. The following are some basic tips when looking for such a personal whether close to home or on-line.

When you invest in a consultation reading, you’re investing in your future – quite literally! So of course you want to get the best experience possible. I have below a few suggestions on what to expect when you decide to try a spiritual consulting session. To prepare yourself for the reading, make a list of questions or areas that you want to discuss, and choose a clear focus. This makes it easier for the spirits to access your energy.

Choose your time and place carefully. A quiet space where you won’t be interrupted is best if you decide to do it by phone.  If you choose to visit pick a time that you are not hurried or stressed out. Make sure you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the reading, and avoid getting a appointment during a crisis – unless you want to focus on that.

 Expect to be surprised! Even when you have planned a focus, sometimes spirit will sense something far more pressing in your mind or in your future. Enter the sitting with an open mind, and you won’t be disappointed!

Take notes. This will enable you to recall the information and prepare a course of action to transform your life into what you want! Ask appropriate questions. Don’t pester with nonstop questioning, but if you don’t understand what they are saying or if you need them to slow down so you can catch up on your notes, let them know. When you have everything written down, read them over and then you can ask really good pointed questions!

Settle for a Spiritual Counselor who isn’t right for you. NO!  Trust your gut feelings about a Counselor, but also use your brain to collect facts so you can make informed decisions. Find out what methods Counselor use for support (Tarot, astrology, Akashic Records), and choose one you feel good about.

Playing “stump the Counselor “. Besides wasting your time, the Counselor will become frustrated and perhaps lose focus on your reading. A good Counselor wants to help.

Surrender your power after the visit. You have free will, and you can control and change much of what is discussed. The main purpose of a Counselor is to advise you on what to do and what to avoid in order to have a good future.

Doubting your Counselor ‘s abilities. If you feel uneasy with a reading/visit, try a different Counselor until you find one with whom you are comfortable.

Think about the Counselling as a whole. Did it echo your life and circumstances? Were most of the future events and suggestions possible in your life? Sometimes a Counselor will suggest something that seems impossible at the time, such as a marriage or a significant increase in income, but if the rest of the sitting resonates, chances are the Counselor is spot-on.

Review the list of questions you made before the visit as well as the notes you took during it. Try not to think about new questions, or your focus will change, and your reading will feel unfinished. Have all your concerns been addressed? Do you have insight into what’s happening around you? If you can formulate a clearer view of your life and a course of action, your visit was complete.

Consider your feelings about the session. If you felt comfortable during the time and you feel good afterward, then it was a success. Even if the Counselor told you something you didn’t want to hear, Counselor readings are supposed to be a healing experience, and you should walk away from it feeling positive.

Now that your concerns about a particular topic have been addressed, what about the rest of your life? Where else could you use some clarity and guidance? If you think of more questions about another area of your life, such as love, career, finances, or personal growth,  book another!

About The Mystic Garden

I love the Tarot and I love doing readings. Hello my name is Winter McKelvie and welcome to The Mystic Garden. Here you will find a reader a little different than the rest. Hopeful you will find this site interesting and love as much as I do! I have taken my love of the tarot of 20 years and have gone off the beaten path. I like the idea of being able to have choices - I use the standard Tarot but also some lovely and interesting Oracle cards. My infinity with Nature and has led me to explored different paths over the years that have brought me here to this place at this time. By living in Canada I have a strong influence by the teachings of the First People and have blended this with my Ancient Celtics ancestry; both who strongly believed in their connection to the Earth, all of its Creatures and the Spirits. My readings are drawn to the Animal Medicine Cards and the Druid Animal Oracle and explores these teachings several different ways. I use these cards in the hope to assist others in finding resolution to their dilemmas and gain insight into their lives, emotional patterns, choices and their destiny. I have been a member and lecturer for The Psychic Society of Toronto for almost 15 yrs now, and was the resident In House reader for the Society. I have given lectures through out the Great Toronto Area on Orbs to Mediumships and a litlle everything in between. And when I have a spare moment I wrote for many years, and have appeared in Metaphysical and Wiccan publications and on-line blog. The last several years I have headed The Psychic Society of Canada and are in the process of making the group accessible to the globe. This will include some of the favorite lecturers from the PST with achieve lectures, workshops and more.
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