Are You Psychic?


Almost everyone has a bit of psychic ability to a small extent in one area or another. But if you’re seriously considering whether you could tell the future, communicate with spirits, or use ESP and psychokinetic abilities, answer these questions:

1 – Have you ever had a dream that came true?

2 – Have you ever thought of a someone you knew for no reason, and immediately that person called you on the telephone?

3 – Have you ever heard or felt someone else’s thoughts or feelings without communicating through traditional methods?

4 – Have you ever had a near-death experience or a presentiment of an unexpected tragedy before it occurred?

5 – Have you ever met someone completely new, and you knew that you had met them before?

6 – Have you ever had a dream or vision of a person you knew or had heard about who had died?

7 – Have you ever sensed someone or something in the room when you were physically alone?

If you answer yes to any of these, you are already using some of your psychic abilities! Keep practicing your skills, and try to get a feel for new psychical domains as well – practice makes perfect! If you want to develop your new talent further, seek instruction from an experienced psychic in order to strengthen your abilities.

If you have answered yes to more than half of these questions, you have some sort of Psychic Power however you need more practice to increase your Psychic Ability.

The first question that everyone asks is whether or not they have the potential or not to become a psychic. The answer has already been given by your actions; by you visiting this blog you have demonstrated that you do possess a keen interest in the forces of the beyond. Your interest also shows that you do in deed have the potential to strengthen your psychic abilities, as you have your own personal interest in this subject. Psychic ability is definitely something that can be developed and I recommend you find a locate a local Spiritual Development Group or if I may be so bold as visit my site check out my Glossary on Psychic Terms and pop over to the courses page and see if any my courses tweak you curiosity.

Having the Right Attitude to help people using your Psychic Abilities


In order to develop your true and genuine psychic abilities, you must possess a positive attitude, and not give into negative vibrations. As with all types of psychic and paranormal behaviours, the best piece of advice I can offer to you is you reap what you sow. In other words, if you advocate bad vibrations, negative karma and other unworthy activity towards others, chances are they will return to you, maybe ten times worse.

The spirit world is always keeping a close eye on us, and if we choose to work with the spirits, then we must keep in mind that our morals and ethics must always be on tap.

About The Mystic Garden

I love the Tarot and I love doing readings. Hello my name is Winter McKelvie and welcome to The Mystic Garden. Here you will find a reader a little different than the rest. Hopeful you will find this site interesting and love as much as I do! I have taken my love of the tarot of 20 years and have gone off the beaten path. I like the idea of being able to have choices - I use the standard Tarot but also some lovely and interesting Oracle cards. My infinity with Nature and has led me to explored different paths over the years that have brought me here to this place at this time. By living in Canada I have a strong influence by the teachings of the First People and have blended this with my Ancient Celtics ancestry; both who strongly believed in their connection to the Earth, all of its Creatures and the Spirits. My readings are drawn to the Animal Medicine Cards and the Druid Animal Oracle and explores these teachings several different ways. I use these cards in the hope to assist others in finding resolution to their dilemmas and gain insight into their lives, emotional patterns, choices and their destiny. I have been a member and lecturer for The Psychic Society of Toronto for almost 15 yrs now, and was the resident In House reader for the Society. I have given lectures through out the Great Toronto Area on Orbs to Mediumships and a litlle everything in between. And when I have a spare moment I wrote for many years, and have appeared in Metaphysical and Wiccan publications and on-line blog. The last several years I have headed The Psychic Society of Canada and are in the process of making the group accessible to the globe. This will include some of the favorite lecturers from the PST with achieve lectures, workshops and more.
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One Response to Are You Psychic?

  1. Recently, I read a book authored by Echo Bodine called ‘The Gift: Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities’ see my post titled Exploring Spirituality. I love this book because it’s foucus is on intuition and the messages you can recieve from the other side vis guides, loveones passed and angels, Great post and I look forward to more posts we can share together!

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