Discovery Your Psychic Tarot Potential


The course in Level 1 Tarot is finally finished for The Psychic Society, this course is available here or from the site. Here is a wee bit …With this course and several companion courses will map out the starting process of you learning the steps and concepts of the sixth sense.

Once you have the basic understanding of this you will find the ability to read cards must easier, than those that just jump in. Just like anything you wish to pursue and excel in, learn the basic is a must. You will learn the different type of abilities and find which ones you have. From there learn how much you use your psychic senses and how you might further train any psychic potentials..

One of the most important aspects of being able to read a set of cards is being in touch with your intuition. How does one figure whether one is psychic or not? Well to tell the truth we all have the ability to trap into our intuition. It can come to light for people in many ways, some have it appear during a moment of stress and disappear as quickly. Others have it appear by some type of accident and others come by it from it at an early age. Part of sad truth is that many readers claim to have this ability from birth.

 Here’s a little hint for those just starting out into the world of tarot, those of us that had this from birth, rarely start conversations off by saying this or advertise it in our practice. Those types of people want you to think that are they are special and only they can see the future. There is the tip off right there that you need to wary off.

This something we all have and really most people just need to understand how to tap into.

People often talk about “gut feelings”, or an inner instinct” when dealing with certain situations. Sometimes this is good things or sometimes bad. When people refer to these, it is a sense of knowing things, what cannot be easily rationally expressed or intellectually confirmed. Often heard, “I knew I should have done that” and there is usually an overriding feeling of something being either right or wrong, without being able to pinpoint it. Many things are change in this day an age. We know what part of the brain it comes but not how it comes to there. That is a part of our evolution that we are still discovering. Only by understanding the process of this sixth sense will be able to use it our lives.

About The Mystic Garden

I love the Tarot and I love doing readings. Hello my name is Winter McKelvie and welcome to The Mystic Garden. Here you will find a reader a little different than the rest. Hopeful you will find this site interesting and love as much as I do! I have taken my love of the tarot of 20 years and have gone off the beaten path. I like the idea of being able to have choices - I use the standard Tarot but also some lovely and interesting Oracle cards. My infinity with Nature and has led me to explored different paths over the years that have brought me here to this place at this time. By living in Canada I have a strong influence by the teachings of the First People and have blended this with my Ancient Celtics ancestry; both who strongly believed in their connection to the Earth, all of its Creatures and the Spirits. My readings are drawn to the Animal Medicine Cards and the Druid Animal Oracle and explores these teachings several different ways. I use these cards in the hope to assist others in finding resolution to their dilemmas and gain insight into their lives, emotional patterns, choices and their destiny. I have been a member and lecturer for The Psychic Society of Toronto for almost 15 yrs now, and was the resident In House reader for the Society. I have given lectures through out the Great Toronto Area on Orbs to Mediumships and a litlle everything in between. And when I have a spare moment I wrote for many years, and have appeared in Metaphysical and Wiccan publications and on-line blog. The last several years I have headed The Psychic Society of Canada and are in the process of making the group accessible to the globe. This will include some of the favorite lecturers from the PST with achieve lectures, workshops and more.
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3 Responses to Discovery Your Psychic Tarot Potential

  1. kaycers says:

    Is the course free? can you post a link please? I’m curious!

    • Hi Kaycie I am just in the process of setting it up on my website. However, if you are interested in an overview (shorten version) of the course it came be found at The Tarot College on-line ( I run The Psychic Society here in Ontario and this course will be available next week from, just finishing off the homework component of it. Hope that helps.

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