Welcome To The Mystic Garden

Writer                     Teacher                 Intuitive

I love the Tarot and I love doing readings. Hello my name is Winter McKelvie and welcome to my website. Here you’re going to find a reader a little different than the rest. Hopeful you will find this site  more interesting than others on the net as well.

Most Readers do the same readings over and over again, but over the last few years we now have the standard tarot cards plus many wonderful oracles that are available as well. And here is where I come in!

I have taken my love of the tarot of 20 years and have gone of the beaten path. I like the idea of being able to have choices – I use the standard Tarot but also some lovely and interesting Oracle cards. There are a variety of readings to choose from and unlike the mass media types, all readings are done by a human and not a computer program. So if you’re looking for something new please take a few moments and browse through my site.

As you read you will discover that I have a strong influence of the teachings of the First People and the Ancient Celtics both who strongly believed in their connect to the Earth, all of its creatures and the Spirits.

 To review the available cards set used for readings, visit the Consultations page

Also you will find as well some of the content provided simply to inspire & enlighten your day!

But before you do let me take a few moments to tell you what you will discover within these pages. Here you can find Weekly Horoscopes, *free downloads, courses, a Resource library on Paranormal terms, my Blog and more!  Also available are pod casts interviews with well-known Psychic personalities, plus a few links to some of my favorite shops and Groups. You can also review some of my past Lectures and  On-line Meditations*.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have fun providing it for you.

                   So please take a few moments to browse my site.

Over the next several weeks this site will be going thru a transformation in to something new! Please bear with me a the changes occur. Thank You!

 Blessed Be!


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